The Six Simple Steps

1. If you haven't enough suitable photos or illustrations, enlist help

2. Use the template letter or poster, post it up in your shop, send copies to local magazines, papers, and organisations. (It's all publicity.)

3. Keep photos submitted in a safe place along with captions and photograph details

4. Select your cover picture plus 12 others or, arrange a competition to select the photos to be used. HINT - if you use any 'portrait' photos, it is best to use two related subjects, side by side.

5. Either email the order form and photos to us or, fill it in and send it, along with the CD or USB (minimum 300dpi) and reference photos to us. Please include a cheque or advise if you prefer to pay by BACS or a card.

6. A proof of the calendar will be sent to you for approval before printing. Just contact us, preferably by email or telephone, to approve or make any corrections to the calendar. If you decide not to proceed at this stage, we will refund your money. When the calendars are printed you will be sent a VAT invoice and payment confirmation.